Bees & environmental sustainability - Quiz

Man in prehistoric times used to collect honey from:
The revolution in agriculture came from the use of:
The main contribution of the bee is:
The majority of professional beekeepers in Greece practice nomadic beekeeping because:
Sustainability or sustainable management exist when we take into account only the environment
A professional beekeeper is considered to be one who has over:
A beekeeper can rely only on honey production every year, which is stable.
Increased biodiversity means:
Sustainable bee management has as a result:
In order for the bees to co-exist in crops:
Among the beehives that live in nature the ones that survive are:
Beekeeping is a closed profession and the sources of knowledge are minimal.
The beekeeping year starts in the:
A beehive is in its productive phase in the:
When the beehives overwinter only with sugar they start healthier the following spring.
In beekeeping, use of chemical substances is allowed only for:
Varroa mite becomes resilient to the chemical acaricides over the years.
The beehives should not be placed in areas with:
Most of the queen bees come from a pure bee species
The most nutritious pollen for the bees is:
The main group of pesticides that cause problems to the bees are:
Climate change affects bees through:
Choose which of the following are pollinating plants:
The best time to fight Varroa mites is:
When using organic acids in the beehive the beekeeper:
The critical stage is dangerous for the survival of the beehive because:
The new queens should be coming from:
A productive beehive has a population of:
The beehives should be placed and transported all together.
When the beekeeper places his/her beehives in crops then:
In order for the beekeeping to be sustainable we should:
The bee – nature relationship is:
The bee, during its stay in an area, within a radius of 5 km, it exploits:
The beehives during the year:
The use of chemical acaricides creates problems due to:
Organic acids have the following advantages:
The beekeeping beetle is an enemy that:
The destruction of the natural habitats of bees is due to:
The producer can spray his/her crops:
In order for sustainable beekeeping to exist, the beekeeper only needs to: