Honey extraction - Quiz

Is the shaking or brushing method more suitable for beekeepers with big numbers of hives?
Is The Bee Blower a fast method?
In which method is possible to lose the queen?
Does the Fume Board excite the bees?
In which of the following methods is possible for the honey to be removed by the bees?
Are Escape Boards expensive?
In the extractor you can place your cages anyhow you want.
When you extract honey without an extractor, you should keep the space warm.
In heat extraction you can only use an oven for extracting the honey.
Which extraction method is this?
When processing the comb honey, you should do it quickly.
In which method do you need this object?
Which of the following honey extractor would fit best a large scale bee farm?
One of the things you need to consider before extracting honey is to make sure your extractor is clean.
Which tool would you use for opening up stubborn cells?

a)                                    b)             c)
Some honey extractors can be both tangential and radial.
Why August is a good time to extract heather honey?
Heather honey is hard to handle because of its jelly-like consistency.
You cannot easily spin out heather honey. You need to press it first.