Mobility of hives for commercial beekeepers - Quiz

Migratory beekeeping has the purpose of:
In migratory beekeeping, beekeepers might travel all year long to different areas.
Pollination solely refers to the process of growing fruit.
Migratory beekeepers can make a profit by offering pollination services to farmers and growers in general.
Honeybees are considered as one of the best pollinators for fruit trees.
Pollination can be performed all year long as long as there is an active beehive.
Migratory beekeeping has the potential of increasing honey production because:
Changing geographical location improves honey yield because:
Weather conditions and crop cycles benefit honey yield.
The transportation of bees should be done during daylight hours because:
Migratory beekeepers need special permits to transport their bees
Bee migration can be profitable when:
There are various ways of preparing the bees for transport.