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Serious disease issues are wiping out bee populations, and severe concerns arise regarding beehives becoming thorny if an outbreak occurs. The Honey Bee Industry Council stresses out that beekeepers should be aware of their obligations, with “bee havers” (people who have bees, but are not involved in their treatment) actually becoming a biosecurity threat to other beekeepers. There is an exceptional need for appropriate training in beekeeping, on the grounds that beekeepers are often powerless to combat bee diseases, due to lack of information and training in conjunction with the very limited effective means to counteract them.


Plan BEE aims at the development of an apiculture training game for adults supporting the development of beekeeping. The Plan BEE serious game will serve as single information point that guides potential beekeepers on how to start a lucrative business depending on their own needs and background by diminishing risks related to traditional beekeeping. At the same time, the project aims at increasing the bee population in the wild by promoting apiculture.


The project will come up with the following tangible results:

  • Sustainable beekeeping training content and Trainer’s Guide on how to deliver the training and the serious game.
  • The Plan BEE Serious Game, an interactive scenario-based simulation promoting real-life situations in beekeeping businesses.
  • The Plan Bee Society, a dedicated virtual space where all project resources and tools will be available, while users will be able to communicate in open discussions.