Sustainable beekeeping training content and Trainers’s Guide on how to deliver the training and the serious game

Training material, which will help beekeepers to develop a beekeeping business depending on their own needs and background and will offer ongoing guidance and follow up.

Read about our progress:

  • IO1/A1:

           - Current state of beekeeping in partner countries: Comparative report

           - Needs validation reports UK/GR/IE/CY/ES

  • IO1/A2: 

          - Plan BEE glossary

          - Plan BEE online repository

The training material can be accessed at the Plan BEE training course here

Plan BEE Serious Game, guiding a potential beekeeper on how to start a lucrative business

A serious game, aiming at engaging beekeepers to learn and develop their skills and competences, see their business grow and diminishes potential risks and disasters related to apiculture.

You can download and play the game on your computer here

You can find here the Game Manual with all the information on how to play the game. 

If you have any questions feel free to message us!

Plan BEE Society, an online meeting place for beekeepers, and apiculture enthusiasts in general

An online space where users from all over the globe can communicate, exchange ideas, promote beekeeping, share best practices, that has the chance to become a huge network increasing the impact on the beekeeping business. 

You can find the Plan BEE Society here.


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